Thinking into Results Mastermind 

"This mastermind gave me the license to dream and encouraged me to accomplish big goals I didn't even know I had when I started."

12 Months of Radical Transformation

If you're like most high-performing leaders, you're tired of being pulled in multiple directions with little time left for yourself. 


You know something needs to change but are unsure how to get off the hamster wheel long enough to focus on yourself.

You know there is much more to life than what you are currently experiencing, and you are ready to live at your highest potential.

 I want to walk you through the exact blueprint I used to completely transform my effectiveness as a leader, my legacy, and my life.


I want something different for you this year...


I want this is to be the year of you, where you become the fullest expression of yourself and completely transform your:

wealth, health, lifestyle, and level of fulfillment.

Hey, I get it!  We are not conditioned to invest in ourselves.  

Twelve months from now, you could be sitting in the same spot wishing you had invested in yourself.

Why?  Because when you invest in yourself, you are sure to get a return on that investment.  

I want you to look back on this moment right here and be so glad you took that leap of faith and made the decision to work on yourself and your vision.  

YOU will be the best investment you make all year!

From Day 1, you will begin to:

Enjoy more freedom

Find your passion again

Be more effective in less time 

Become a more effective leader

Develop meaningful relationships

Create more wealth and abundance

Leave the legacy you’ve always wanted

Learn how to say no to things that don’t serve you

This is exciting!

Over the next 12 months of us working together, you will see improvement in all of the above areas. You’ll be accomplishing what you’ve only dreamed of in the past.


Ready to live the life you want?

Meet Laura 

Laura Noel is a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt and certified Proctor Gallagher Institute coach and facilitator who works with individuals, groups and companies in reaching their potential and achieving their personal and professional goals.  

She has been studying and teaching personal growth and leadership for over 27 years as she served in the military and has continued to develop her expertise through working with her mentor, who is world-renowned in human potential and success, Bob Proctor.

Laura is thrilled to help clients stretch their thinking and minds in a way that opens them up to new possibilities. This mental flexibility allows them to lead happy, healthy, more abundant lives.

Thinking Into Results Mastermind

I’ll be there with you the whole way

-Thinking Into Results digital program access for lifetime

-Digital workbook

-Exclusive Private Facebook group

- 1 live teaching session per week with me

- 2 guided Mastermind sessions per month

-Weekly open office hours for individual guidance

- Voice chat, message or email support as needed

- Monthly 1-1  goal strategy calls

- Monthly workshops

Make a decision before October 27th and you will also get all these bonuses worth $10,500. 
3 additional months of mastermind coaching access Value: $7500

Lead the field program and 4 live Q&A sessions with 

Bob Proctor and/or Sandy Gallagher Value: $3000.  

Have Questions?

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Emma Wo

Miss Hawaii USA 2015

I first met Laura while working a sales job at a local news station, and she came on air to talk about her company.

From goal setting to her easy-to-follow exercises for stretching your thinking and mind, her words resonated with me and inspired me to take my own side business to the next level. I signed up after our first meeting. 

Flash forward a couple of months later, and I had quit my job and made my social media strategy and management agency my full-time job, brought my sister on as a co-founder, and now have three part-time employees on board. 

Best of all, I have the freedom to do what makes me happy - work a job I love, travel the world, and still make time to run my style blog, The Aloha Babe. 

I can’t thank Laura enough for helping me to gain more mental focus, giving me license to dream and encouraging me to accomplish big goals I didn’t even know I had when we first started! 

Don Gurganus 

Thumbprint Properties

Studying Thinking Into Results with Laura positively transformed my beliefs about my capabilities. 

Using these lessons, I created my own company valued at $94K. 

Through Laura’s coaching, I transformed my company into a $250,000 valuation literally overnight!  

Less than a year later, the company is valued at $750,000.00 with $1.45M in backing, and I am in the process of creating four new corporations and generating $20,000.00 per month for my associates!!! 

Laura’s “decision making” coaching lifted the veil of self-doubt I used to limit my life. 

Now I am unlimited! I love what I do. 

I love volunteering and supporting my community. 

I love my marriage and my family.  


Dawn Reedy 

CEO of Excellence in Analytics

When I first started working with Laura, I was going through a life-transition and knew I needed something or someone who had a higher way of thinking to help me through it successfully.  

I was struggling with the guilt of wanting to leave a 6-figure job that I knew wasn’t right for me (or them!).  

As a single mom and programmed worker, I was living in “survival” mode.  I knew there was a better way where I could be excellent in my career passion, present and purposeful in my home and personal life, and have the time and money freedom I desired.  I just didn’t know how to get there.

After a friend introduces me to Laura, I jumped into the “Thinking Into Results” program.  With Laura’s coaching, I have grown leaps and bounds as a result!  Laura has helped me DECIDE what I want in my life and create confidence, thought, and action around achieving it.